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Pick-up seating ban a slap in the face for Thailand’s poor!

Thai Rath commented strongly on the story on everyone’s lips this week: the government’s ban on travelling in the back of pick-ups.

Though PM Prayut has said that the implementation of the ban will be delayed until after the Songkran holidays Thai Rath said that the ban was effectively a slap in the face for the nation’s poor who are obliged through one reason or another to travel in this way.

In reality the law banning travelling in the cargo bay of pick-up has existed for a long time and is known to the people, they said.

But everyone has accepted that it is not enforced. To suddenly announce that it would be enforced is unfair, especially to the poor.

The influential Thai media group said that 35 million people are expected to be on the move next week in buses, planes, trains, minivans and cars. There are thought to be more than 7,000 bus and van trips per day alone with upwards of 180,000 passengers per day using that mode of transport.

But they said that many poor people cannot afford to go in buses and vans.

They choose to club together with friends and travel in the back of pick-ups by splitting money for gas and thus saving cash on expensive bus travel.

While accepting that this has its own dangers there are also dangers travelling in vans and buses. They said that poor driving of overtired and badly trained bus and van drivers was also very risky.

This was known to all Thais as was the habit of fleecing the public for transport costs during times like Songkran.

So this is why the poor are prepared to suffer the blazing sun, the wind and the rain by sitting in the back of a pick-up. Everyone always knew it was illegal but now it is to be enforced they demanded of the government:

“What are the poor to do now?”

“Poor families whose only asset is their pick-up used to transport goods and people – vehicles bought in good faith – what are they going to do now?”

People have got used to using pick-ups as multi-utility vehicles and to expect them to suddenly change was unfair and a slap in the face from the authorities to the poor.

Thai Rath looked at accident statistics and quoted experts who identified areas where compromises to the enforcement of the law could be made.

One of the main problems, they said, was that people in the back of a pick-up changed the stability characteristics especially if there were more than seven.

In this case there was two times more likelihood of an accident.

If people were standing in the back of a pick-up this further increased to four times more likely that an accident would happen.

The more people that were carried the more chance of an accident.

Thai Rath proposed that several measures could be made in the short term to “meet the law half way”.

These included making it law to put a roof on the back of pick-ups, limiting the number of occupants in the back to just seven and focusing on being strict in enforcing the law on fast roads such as highways, motorways and toll ways.

Source: Thai Rath


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Experts at odds on looming Social Security weakness

a recent study published by Harvard and Dartmouth academics accuses Social Security’s Office of the Chief Actuary of underestimating the coming shortfall in funding for Social Security. If that takes place, Under hot law, Social Security benefits would be cut to the level supported by number of FICA taxes being paid by workers at that time. The 2014 annual report sent a a simple fact that message about the looming shortfall in its opening lines: “Neither Medicare nor Social Security can sustain projected long run program costs in full under currently reserved financing, And legislative changes are necessary to avoid disruptive consequences for receivers and taxpayers.

In its 2014 annual description, The Social Security board of trustees projected the Social Security pension and disability trust fund would be depleted in 2033. If that takes place, Under power law, Social Security benefits would be cut to the level supported by the number of FICA taxes being paid by workers at that time. The trustee report estimates tax income would be sufficient to fund around three quarters of all scheduled benefits.

This isn’t the first time that King and the Office of the Actuary have clashed on the assumptions used to forecast cost the Social Security system.

Chief Actuary Steve Goss and his staff reacted with an analysis and critique of the editorial, Describing the methods and assumptions used by Social Security to estimate the system’s costs and mentioning conceptual errors in King’s analyses. The ukraine women actuary office’s methods have been audited since 2006 by a completely independent accounting firm, And the assumptions used by the office are subject to extensive scrutiny.

It’s somewhat puzzling why King and his colleagues are making all this fuss over the techniques used to estimate the looming Social Security deficit. The 2014 annual report sent a undoubted message about the looming shortfall in its opening lines: “Neither Medicare nor Social Security can sustain projected long run program costs in full under currently booked financing, And legislative changes are necessary to avoid disruptive consequences for beneficiaries and taxpayers, It’s not as if Goss and his staff are trying to hide the serious funding problems that Social Security is facing.

This debate is much like arguing whether the Titanic is one mile or two away from the deadly iceberg. your own home Social Security trust fund will be depleted in 2033, As forecast by school of the Actuary, Or at some much earlier date, As King feels, We still have a problem in need of attention.

Americans need to put pressure on elected officials to take steps to shore up the system’s funding to restore confidence in a program that’s the bedrock of financial to protect millions of older Americans.

First shared on May 12, 2015 and 6:00 have always been

View all articles by Steve Vernon on CBS MoneyWatch Vernon helped large employers design and manage their retirement programs for more than 35 years as a consulting actuary. Now he’s a research scholar for the Stanford Center on Longevity, Where he helps receive, Direct and disseminate research that will reduce the financial security of seniors.

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Ukraine women

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Why do so many white men would like date a Chinese woman

ever heard of yellow fever? nope, Not the disease you can pick up when heading for certain countries. I’m raving about when Caucasian men develop an acute sexual preference for East Asian women even becoming a fetish, a number of.

unsurprisingly, There are dating websites aplenty focused on ‘serving’ those men who have yellow fever, Where the average East Asian women is increasingly being regarded as a desirable partner.

in, the most up-to-date figures from 2.4 million users of Facebook dating apps showed a clear skew in choosing for women of East Asian descent by men of all racial groups, except for, ironically, fernrrstliche men.

As a china, Single woman in the UK where I have rarely come across racism my East Asian friends and I have come across a fair share of men with telltale signs of yellow fever. nevertheless it is subtle, don’t forget that, Few would admit to surfing online dating sites for Chinese women, Yet in the event the only girls they date are Chinese, Then the probabilities are in their favour.

health club, I’m impressed at what British men, Both young at heart, Generally get away with when speaking about East Asian women (offshore, western, japanese etc.) As well as east Asian women (Vietnam, Thailand or anything else,.,and so.)I’ve heard my Caucasian friends vouch for to their male, Single mates that utilised together date Chinese girls with the added bonus that Chinese women are far more sexually open minded than Caucasian girls.

One acquaintance how to impress a chinese girl told me in wonderment that Chinese women are great in the bedroom as if I wasn’t one to being casually asked if I be interested in a guy has been with Chinese girls and likes it I been left puzzled by the insensitivity, And the lack of awareness that such comments may cause offence. It as if the Chinese are so foreign the count.

throughout the uk, Sherry Fang, A 26 year old British Chinese student, Tells me she’s had strangers say to her look just like his ex, She was also Chinese and argues it would be wholly unsuitable if she were black or Indian.

In britain, While significant rates of intermarriage between the Chinese and white Caucasian population have displayed social integration, The trend is nevertheless heavily skewed towards Chinese women and white men, Rather than the other way around.

the main bias is down to aesthetics, it would appear, As a study by Cardiff University in 2012 on facial attraction showed that East Asian women scored highest, While East Asian men came bottom inside pile (fascinatingly, Results for grayscale individuals did not show discernible differences based on gender).

But although some gendered biases exist in all interracial dating, Few have gained as much notoriety as named yellow fever. But Debbie also emphasizes that Asian American women are paying a price for stereotyping.

later than sex: what will then?

Are largely invisible with regard to politics and popular culture, Yet there’s a very palpable urban myth that Asian women make smarter lovers than other women she says.

The stereotyping plays itself out in the roles you observe Chinese women playing in theatre, On TV or perhaps in films. Take the 25th anniversary revival of Miss Saigon in the western world End. The tale of the tragic love story between a young Vietnamese woman and an American soldier paints a heartbroken and helpless image of Miss Saigon that remains the best poignant and visible depictions of Far Eastern women in popular culture.

A sight from Miss Saigon

Yet this portrayal epitomises what many see as a narrow perceptual experience of East Asian (looked as Chinese, japanese people, korean etc) the ladies.

elsewhere, In an open letter to the culture minister captured, Actors your own British East Asian Artists (BEA) Criticised the BBC and other outlets for their cultural stereotyping of East Asians on TV and stage describing the feminine parts as and submissive

at the Chan, a british Chinese actress, Says acting has offered an advice about how society sees Chinese women, Calling parts on offer to her stereotypical

“It rare to see a Chinese nature written that is or rounded says Chan, Naming a set of typical roles offering: hard working businesswoman; alluring, careful flower; Illegal immigrant selling DVDs or looking toward prostitution (Someone once realistically yelled DVDs? At me from across a parking lot). nowadays, America wars in Korea and Vietnam have also influenced normal American psych, Spawning narratives like this of Miss Saigon.

Let take into account Hollywood global influence says Dr Sandy To, Who specialises in gender studies at Hong Kong college or university. She information the sexy Geishas, Femme fatales and Kung Fu fighting seductresses rather what she calls neutral roles

‘Be patient’

In the BBC official reply to BEA letter, It stated its promises to diversity (In a fairly patronising, Verbose process). But usually, It told the actors to to wait.

But Asian women are obviously in a rush to change the status quo.

A quick browse internet for fever fetishes brings up a host of websites, blogposts and videos, Mostly from your US, That status humour, Distaste and offence at sexualised objectification of East Asian women, With some equating yellow fever to racism rooted in colonial ideas of power and submitting.

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