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Brit Arrested over Murder of Tony Kenway

Brit is the first arrested in Tony Kenway murder case

Thai police have arrested a Brit who is thought to be behind the murder of Tony Kenway in Pattaya in January.

The alleged killer, twenty-eight year old South African, Abel Caldeira Bonito and his British accomplice Miles Dicken Turner, who is suspected of being the getaway driver on the motorbike are still on the run and thought to be hiding out in Cambodia. Arrest warrants have been issued for both men.

The incedent took place outside a sports club on the outskirts of Pattaya last month, and it is believed that the two suspects made their escape the same day to neighboring Cambodia.

However, in a slight twist to the investigation, Thai Rath has reported that Jirawut Tanthasri of Nong Preu police went to Cambodia where a UK national, initially named as Toby James (name transliterated from Thai), who is about forty-five years old has been taken into custody.

He is currently being transferred into Thailand where he will be questioned by local police.
Police sources revealed he is a former friend and business associate of the assassinated man but they had recently argued and even ‘had a fist fight,’ according to witnesses.

Thai cops believe Toby James ordered the killing of Tony Kenway.

More to Come…

Credit: Thai Rath/Asia Jack


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Canadian sentenced to nine years for shopping to join IS

A 29 year old Canadian was sentenced on Friday to nine years in prison for trying to travel overseas to join the Islamic State group.

Ismael Habib was the first person to be found guilty at trial under a law banning people from trying to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act.

“This wasn’t a utopian or irrational project of a altered adolescent. slightly, It was done with perfect knowledge of the objectives of the Islamic State and its methods used, quebec Court Judge Serge Delisle said.

“The offender multiplied his efforts to get to Syria to join the Islamic State.

“He didn’t plan on getting there to relax and play a passive role. He was ready to a single thing for the Islamic State, substantially dying,

The judge sentenced him to eight years for shopping to leave Canada under a 2013 terrorism law, And one year for providing false information to getting a passport.

minus the time Habib already served in pre trial custody, He will pay out the next six and a half years in prison.

“It is a rather harsh punishment, district attorney girls in spanish Francois Blanchette told reporters.

He said he said Habib’s “Very overwhelming adherence to the (Islamic point out) Group’s philosophy” Was a think about the sentencing.

Habib is the son of an Afghan father and a Canadian wife.

The trial heard that he tried to get a fake passport from an undercover policeman after his own was revoked following a failed 2012 attempt to reach Syria, where by he was detained in Turkey and deported to Canada.

The defense argued that police tricked him into confessing that he wanting to travel overseas to join IS and die for God.

His wife and two younger children were also living in the war torn nation, Habib told a legal court.

The ascertain, suffice to say, Rejected his testimony, Noting that Habib had scanned online dating sites and was living with a woman in Canada when he was arrested last year.


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